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Towards a sustainable and interconnected future.


The main research focus lies on the diagnosis and analysis of transport and its externalities. In particular, special emphasis is laid on

  • Data collection and development of analytical frameworks for investigating transport and its externalities.

  • Use and development of techniques for analyzing mobility patterns and optimizing transport policy.


The research is framed within the more general research strategy to investigate

  • Transportation models.

  • Reliability of transport systems.

  • Sustainability enhancing decision support systems.

  • Impact of new transport infrastructure.




Currently, I am involved in projects with respect to connected and autonomous vehicles (CA 16222), cross-border traffic (ECON, MMUST) and the accessibility impacts of river floods (FLOODLAND). For a full list of current and past projects, you can click HERE.



For my full publication list, you can click HERE. Note that for the majority of the papers, the pre-prints are available in PDF format. With respect to citations, you can have a look at my google scholar profile, which can be found HERE. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and interest in collaboration.



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