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My research focuses on the diagnosis and analysis of transport and its externalities. A focus is laid on information collection and the development of analytical frameworks for investigating transport and its externalities and on the optimisation of travel demand management measures.



In the context of my appointment at the University of Liège, I am responsible for different courses related to transport planning and transport engineering, taught both at the University of Liège, as well as different partner institutions.



The services provided are aimed at the university context (i.e. administrative councils and student services,e.g., ERASMUS+) and society at a more general level. More details are provided on the services page.


In my research group (LEMA), we are always looking for candidates who want to apply for a scholarship as

  • PhD (doctoral) student

  • Post-doctoral researcher


Furthermore, we are eager to host people who want to do their internship or research stay in our research institute. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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